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Access My Brain for 30 Days with One on One Guidance

  • 1 on 1 consulting for 30 days.
  • Direct access to my brain.
  • Perfect for personalized guidance if you're just getting started with the carnivore diet.
  • Ask any question you want any time about anything.
  • Exclusive Challenge Manual: Workout plan, reading list, and biohacking tips.
  • Access to Official Steak-Stoic Facebook Group
  • We might become best friends forever.

Look at how others just like you have benefited from one-on-one guidance.

Dedicated 1-on-1 Support for 30 Days

Think of this like a bat line directly to my brain. You can beam any of your questions to me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Having trouble adapting to the carnivore diet? Need motivation? Don't know what to read? Bored and want someone to talk to?

I'm here for you.

Exclusive Challenge Manual

Diet is the first step to changing your life. By unlocking access to my brain, I will also give you access to an exclusive manual of challenges to level up the rest of your life.

New exercise routines, reading lists, and guided dopamine fasts. Diet is a portal through which every other aspect of your life can improve. 

Access to Official Steak-Stoic Facebook Group

The Official Steak Stoic Group is the strongest group on Facebook. It's comprised of all the members whose journeys I have been following very closely.

In it you will find others who can support you in the rest of your carnivore journey. You will find a group of like minded people who will support you in all your endeavors.

Oh, and I'll be there too.

Disclaimer: What Can I Help You with?

I am not a doctor

I am not a doctor so cannot diagnose disease or order tests. I have spent over 1000 hours studying health and nutrition. I’ve used that knowledge to reverse my own IBS, acne and rheumatoid arthritis. I am passionate about distilling complex information down to actionable steps.

I can help provide meaningful answers to your most pressing carnivore questions

I’ve now seen over 10,000 people go through their first 30 days on the carnivore diet. I’ve seen every challenge you can imagine. Everybody faces unique challenges when going through their first 30 days, and I can help to provide suggestions based on what I’ve seen in others.

Discuss in an educational manner the best way to attack your issues

I’ve reviewed the literature around 100s of diseases. I can help to review the most recent, up to date literature around the problems you’re facing and provide guidance based on what has worked in others.

BONUS: I can review bloodwork (not included in base plan)

I cannot diagnose any disease based on bloodwork, but I can comment high level on what I look for in my own bloodwork on 30+ parameters. I will also give the rationale behind what things I look for and can help provide information for you to share with your doctor. I can also share what tests I do monthly.