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Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows

Most collagen is very high in heavy metals and glyphosate — detracting from the health benefits. Ready for the real deal?

  • 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop
    600g in one order, enough for 2 scoops a day or a full month's supply
  • Sourced from grassfed Brazilian cows (moo!)
  • Supports digestion, skin health, muscle growth, bone & joint strength
  • ZERO glyphosate (Full Lab Test) & extremely low in heavy metals (the least I've seen)
Pure Collagen - 600 grams - 1 month supply

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30 daily servings

One order is 10 bags of liver crips. Why?

Why is a 1-month supply the smallest order size?

Beef liver is meant to be a dietary staple. Something that infuses your body with powerful nutrition day in and day out, not an occasional snack. A 1-month supply gives you 30 daily servings to experience the difference liver makes in your diet.

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30 daily servings

One order is 10 bags of liver crips. Why?

Please allow 5 business days for shipping
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Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows
Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows
Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows
Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows
Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows
Pasture Raised Supercharge your life Zero Glyphosate MOOOOO Pasture Raised Supercharge your life Zero Glyphosate MOOOOO Pasture Raised Supercharge your life Zero Glyphosate MOOOOO Pasture Raised Supercharge your life Zero Glyphosate MOOOOO

Collagen: the ancient nutritional remedy…

And your new line of defense against the most toxic world ever.

Dear Carnivore,

We live in the most toxic environment in history.

The modern world is a poisonous prison, making it hard to be healthy even when you try.

The water, the air, the food, seed oils, receipts, lights, jobs, the people, cosmetics, the clothes, washes — just about every single thing makes you sicker.

Practically everything in today's world is loaded with pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, dioxins, pharma products, BPA. No matter what you do, you can't avoid it all.

Most people do not realize how bad our environment actually is — but it's even more harmful when you consider that we're going up against all of it…

WITHOUT one of our most ancient lines of defense.

That's right:

I'm talking about collagen (and glycine, a potent collagenous amino acid.)

In early human history, everyone got plenty of collagen and glycine by eating nose-to-tail.

Every animal that we hunted, we ate in its entirety: muscle meat, organs, skin, bones and all.

Why's this important? First off, many studies confirm significant benefits from collagen consumption:

  • Digestive Health: A study of healthy female volunteers published in JMIR Formative Research showed that 20 grams of daily collagen supplementation reduced bloating and improved mild digestive symptoms without any other diet or lifestyle interventions.

  • Skin Health: A study of women aged 35-55 published in the journal Skin Pharmacology & Physiology found that 8 weeks of 2.5 grams of daily collagen supplementation produced significant improvements in skin elasticity and hydration.

  • Muscle Growth: A study of elderly men published in the British Journal Of Nutrition observed significant improvements in muscle mass and strength after 15 grams of daily collagen supplementation for 12 weeks.

  • Joint Health: A study of athletes with joint pain published in Current Medical Research & Opinion linked 10 grams of daily collagen supplementation to significant improvement in joint pain and mobility.

  • Bone Health: A study of postmenopausal women published in Nutrients saw significant improvements in bone density after 5 grams of daily collagen supplementation for 12 months.

These benefits (and more that I'll touch on shortly) were ALL enjoyed by early humans who got collagen from the animals they ate.

Unfortunately, if you eat the sort of diet that most people do, you're almost certainly missing out.

For instance, did you know that nearly all of the meat that we eat today from cows is muscle meat? (Steak, burgers, ribs, that sort of thing.)

Yet only 2-3% of a cow's muscle meat contains ANY collagen or glycine—a huge departure from our native eating patterns!

Collagen and glycine are in the skin and hide of the animal, which we don't consume anymore.

This is costing us our health and vitality on so, so many levels.

When we eat as much muscle meat as we now do, we load ourselves up with methionine (an amino acid that's heavily present in muscle meat.)

On its own, methionine is good—it's critical to methylation, which regulates gene expression, tissue repair, dopamine control, and creatine synthesis.

However, if the methionine we consume isn't balanced by glycine, proline, hydroxyproline from collagen, it may cause some harm.

Which makes sense, because our biology is a system that has evolved alongside animals and adapted to utilize EVERYTHING they provide.

In fact, one of the most powerful ways to extend lifespan in animals is to restrict methionine consumption. However, a study published in the journal Aging Cell, for instance, said that “glycine can mitigate methionine toxicity” and concluded that “glycine supplementation extends lifespan of mice and female mice.” Meaning that instead of restricting methionine, eating methionine and glycine together like they're meant to be is just as potent.

Not every animal study carries over to humans, true, but mice are experimented on because we share much in common with them and many results do transfer.

Another study (this one on humans) published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a meal high in methionine led to urinary excretion of glycine, depleting our levels of it.

Chris Masterjohn, PhD went so far as to say that biochemistry research “...predicts that every gram of methionine would increase our needs for glycine by 0.5-1 gram.”

And as we just talked about, practically no one is getting anywhere near that much glycine or collagen today.

The point is:

Traditional ancestral diets always provided muscle meats with both ORGANS and GELATINOUS tissue.

We need the nutrients that are present in all of it, not just an industrially-skewed selection of muscle meat.

A research review published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care spells out several powerful ways that glycine can protect us from the toxic damage of today's poisonous world.

The review — which calls glycine “a novel anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and cytoprotective agent” — states that glycine protects the gastric mucosa (gut lining) against chemically and stress-induced ulcers.

Not only that: glycine is said to “act on inflammatory cells such as macrophages” to “suppress activation” of “free radicals and inflammatory cytokines.” It’s even been shown to block the formation of harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) caused by ingesting phthalates and corn oil.

The beneficial effects of collagen and glycine are wide-ranging, clinically backed, and impressive.

This is the way we were meant to eat, and we suffer enormously when we stray from it.

Regrettably, most people are not getting these benefits — not from the meat they eat, and not even if they augment their diet with a collagen supplement.

Most collagen supplements on the market are high in glyphosate and heavy metals.

Which is the worst thing they could contain, for one glaring reason…

Glyphosate, if you didn’t know, is a cheap and widely-used herbicide with a ton of detrimental effects on human health.

And perhaps the biggest one, with respect to making collagen supplements not work, is this:

Glyphosate’s molecular structure is incredibly similar to glycine, which is one of collagen’s most beneficial amino acids (responsible for many of the health benefits.)

In fact, a glyphosate molecule is literally the same as a glycine molecule, just with a hydrogen group attached.

And when glyphosate enters your body, it disrupts the normal enzyme functions that are responsible for protein construction.

In simplest terms: the presence of glyphosate in collagen supplements lessens your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients and benefit.

In simplest terms: the presence of glyphosate in collagen supplements lessens your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients and benefit.

And that’s before you factor in the damaging effects of the heavy metal contaminants.


That's terrifying, but I have good news: it doesn't have to be that way.

If you want the clinically-backed benefits of collagen and glycine, there IS a way to experience them.

That's why I'm bringing you THIS.

Beef Collagen

Pure collagen from grassfed Brazilian cows.

After discovering the ineffectiveness of most collagen products, I scoured the world for something fundamentally superior.

A form of collagen with zero glyphosate (none!) and extremely low in heavy metals … the best I’ve ever seen.

I had to travel all the way down to Brazil to source this hydrolyzed (more easily digestible) collagen from the grassfed cows that it comes from.

And it may well be the most pure and effective collagen supplement money can buy.

1-2 scoops per day into your favorite drink is all it takes to transform your health.

Now, after months of work, I’m finally ready for YOU to put it to the test.

I'm Ready! Take Me To The Collagen

Quick & Easy

My new collagen stirs right into any drink in seconds. Get the transformational nutrition of collagen into your body every day with no hassle.

  • 1-2 scoops a day covers your bases
  • No frother needed (stirs just fine with a spoon)
  • Flavorless (no gross “powdery” taste like other products)

Clean, Pure, Effective

My collagen is free of the toxic additives that stop collagen supplements from working.

  • ZERO glyphosate (as in none at all)
  • Extremely low levels of heavy metals
  • Hydrolyzed for easy breakdown by your body

Precisely Dosed For Potency

My collagen gives you enough nutrition to see results with sustained use.

  • 10 grams of collagen per scoop
  • XX grams of glycine per scoop

The Collagen You Deserve

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Imagine how you’ll feel when you get pure collagen and glycine from Brazilian cows into your body every day

In addition to all of the health benefits discussed above, here are some more clinically documented effects of getting glycine from collagen into your diet:

Sleep Quality*

A study in Sleep & Biological Rhythms found that taking 3 grams of glycine before bed improved sleep quality in individuals who had trouble sleeping.

Muscle Mass*

A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology found that supplementing with 15 grams of glycine per day for 3 months increased muscle mass and strength in older adults.

Cognitive Function*

A study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that taking 3 grams of glycine per day improved cognitive function in healthy adults.

Remember: most collagen products on the market are contaminated with glyphosate — a destructive herbicide that blocks your body’s ability to use glycine.

My new collagen has ZERO glyphosate — so you can actually absorb the nutrition you are paying for.

There may not be a form of collagen on any store shelf with this much ability to promote healing.

I take at least 20 grams a day and I can’t wait for you to experience the results too.

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Ready to get the best collagen on earth delivered to your door?

Here’s what to do next.

If you want to take my new collagen for a test drive, pick the first option below and try it for 30 days.

If you’re “all-in” on making collagen a daily staple like I do, then go for the second option: a discounted monthly subscription.

And if you want to match your nutritional intake most closely to those of our ancestors, who ate muscle, organ, and gelatinous tissue, go for option three: 30 days each of collagen and my grassfed liver crisps.

Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows

Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows

One-month supply


Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows

Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows

Monthly Subscription


Pure Collagen From Brazilian Cows


One-month supply


Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Joshua Peoples
Great stuff!

Really pleased with this collagen. So far everything it’s billed to be.

Janine Perro
Best collagen

Really notice a difference with my skin and hair !


I have only been taking the collagen for four days, twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening, but let me just say this stuff is amazing! Completely tasteless and dissolves nicely! So far I've primarily just mixed it in my water, but finally added some to my raw milk, absolutely magic. Already a fan of the liver crisps, but now found my new fave item! Super excited to see continued results but can already see a change in my skin.

Love it!

I’ve used Vital protein for years and have noticed better skin tone with this collagen in 2 short weeks!

Courtney Y.
Already seeing results 5 days in!

I was initially drawn to try this out for nutritional purposes. A reformed vegetarian then pescatarian, I have now fully embraced eating sustainable locally raised meat and am never going back. The collagen has me already noticing a huge reduction in my fine lines and deep acne scars and has a great texture with no noticeable flavor, so I throw it in my smoothies daily. Thanks so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take it?

Open the bottle. Fill the scooper. Stir into your favorite drink. Swallow. Smile. Thrive.

Getting collagen into your body has never been this easy.

What is it made with?

Grassfed Brazilian cow skin and hide. That’s it.

International orders

Collagen isn’t just for Americans. I'm happy to offer shipping to Canada, Mexico, EU and Australia. Unfortunately, U.S. Postal Service rates are expensive: $30 to $50, depending where you live. Don't get me wrong: given the choice between high shipping rates, or not getting collagen into my body every day, I'd pay the shipping anytime. But I understand it's a bit of a burden. So I'm happy to offer bulk discounts to make the cost less onerous. Please email if you're interested in buying multiple months of collagen at a special bulk rate.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.