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The New Carnivore Superfood

Grassfed steak crisps with just salt. Nutrient‑dense vitamins and 17g of protein to help supercharge your life.

Steak Crisps (14 Bags)

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  • Sliced crunchy and thin in ready-to-eat bags
  • B vitamins, creatine, carnitine, taurine, and heme iron to supercharge your life
  • Even more nutrient-dense than normal cooked steak
  • Sourced from a regenerative farm
Steak Crisps
Steak Crisps
Steak Crisps

What if you could enjoy mouthwatering
grassfed steak anytime, anywhere...

Steak Crisps

...with ZERO cooking or clean-up?

Dear Carnivore,

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know how much I love steak.

I believe pound for pound it’s the most filling and satisfying food you can eat.

When I went carnivore, I ate only steak and eggs for the first couple months and felt like a whole new person.

(This was even before I discovered the power of beef liver.)

Now I’ll admit: my thinking around health and diet has evolved since then.

I don’t fear fruit. I don’t think fasting is all it’s cracked up to be. And I don’t believe any one food is the sole key to looking / feeling your best. Frankly, cutting out seed oils may give you bigger results than anything you add in.

But I still maintain that eating grassfed steak will jolt you to a higher level of health.

Especially if you’re a recovering vegan, Beyond Meat disciple, or standard western diet follower.


Because steak is a veritable powerhouse of nutrients most people don’t get nearly enough of.

If you’re tired all the time, fighting through brain fog, not seeing the gains you want at the gym, or you just feel like you’re running at less than 100%...

Nutrient deficiencies may be to blame.

Because steak is a veritable powerhouse of nutrients most people don’t get nearly enough of.

Nutrients are vital for ALL cellular function. They play a role in everything from energy to muscle growth to immune support to recovery to cognition.

But most people are extremely deficient in vitamins, including:

  • Vitamin B12

    Vegans and vegetarians are consistently lower in Vitamin B12 than meat eaters, resulting in chronic low energy. And even people who do eat meat, tend to eat low-quality cuts with inferior B vitamin levels.

  • Taurine

    Taurine is a crucial bioactive found in the highest quantities in animal products. It is not listed on nutrition labels, so most people avoid steak thinking they don't need it. When in reality, it is one of the most important amino acids for thyroid function, cognition and metabolism.

  • Iron

    25% of the world is deficient in Iron. Anemia (iron deficiency) is even more common amongst vegans and vegetarians.

These are just a few of the nutrients in steak that you may not be getting as much of as you would truly benefit from.

Unfortunately, as wonderful and delicious as steak is...

Cooking it day after day is a tall order for busy, working people.

You don’t always want to fire up the grill at 6pm on a Tuesday. Or fill a whole freezer with meat.

Still, I knew if carnivores could somehow get steak into their bodies every day...

They would feel the difference firsthand.

(Just like thousands have done with my beef liver crisps.)

That’s why I created these.

Steak Crisps

Crunchy, razor-thin crisps of grassfed steak.

Unlike traditional beef jerky this has no additives, and has the satisfying crunch you’re missing on the carnivore diet.

My new steak crisps aren’t just the ultimate carnivore snack and meal replacement (delivered to your door in grab-and-go bags.)

Nor simply a mouthwatering indulgence (although, yes, they ARE that.)

Steak is also a nutrient dense superfood loaded with B vitamins, creatine, carnitine, taurine, heme iron, and many other nutrients that will supercharge your energy and life.

Plus, just like liver, by dehydrating the steak I’ve made it even more nutrient-dense.

These crisps put most multivitamins to shame. They destroy all those junk protein powders and creatine supplements too.

Now combine them with my beef liver crisps (more on that below) and you’ll feel like you just ate the bottled up energy from 1000 exploding suns.

Zeus himself could not create a better 1 + 2 punch for high-performance nutrition.

Now you can get my new superfood steak crisps delivered to your door for just $7.14 per day.

The Ultimate Carnivore Superfood

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Rich, Savory Taste

Picture the perfect bite of steak. That deep burst of meaty flavor. Now you can enjoy it every single day.

  • Addictively satisfying crunch (like a thicker kettle chip)
  • No added spices or seasoning -- just grassfed steak
  • Delicious to enjoy with eggs, bone broth, liver, and other carnivore favorites

Ready To Eat

Perfect to eat first thing in the morning, to hold you over while traveling, or as a carnivore-friendly post-workout powerup.

  • Cooked, dehydrated, and sliced into grab-and-go bags
  • Great to stash in your desk, duffle bag or glove box
  • Never settle for protein bars or fast food burgers again

Natural Source of Energizing Nutrients

My steak crisps will help you thrive, not just survive, with bioavailable forms of:

  • B Vitamins for energy
  • Creatine for muscle growth

The best cut of steak in the world

  • 100% grass fed

  • Never antibiotics or any hormones

  • Regenerative

  • Humanely slaughtered animals

Imagine how you’ll feel when you get ALL of these nutrients into your body each day from grassfed steak.

B Vitamins: Supports Energy

All 8 B vitamins are pivotal for energy and cognitive function. Yet most people are not getting nearly enough in the food they eat. Especially those who are just beginning their transition away from plant-based or standard western diets.

Just 1 serving of steak crisps per day can change that.

B vitamins support:

  • Fat burning
  • Energy production
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cognitive function
  • Mood
Creatine: Supports Muscle Growth

A special amino acid known for boosting athletic performance, muscle growth, and workout recovery. Favored by serious bodybuilders and weekend gym-rats alike.

Creatine has been shown to:

  • Help muscle cells produce more energy
  • Help improve high-intensity exercise performance
  • Help lower blood sugar levels
  • Help reduce fatigue
  • May improve brain function
Carnitine: Supports Fat Burning

Important amino acid with a significant role in boosting your body’s metabolism. Primarily stored in muscle cells, athletes often take supplemental carnitine to burn fat and prevent muscle fatigue.

Here are a few of its potential benefits:

  • Converts fatty acids into usable energy
  • Helps improve mitochondrial function
  • Promotes focus and mental clarity
  • Supports natural anti-aging
Taurine: Supports Energy & Nerve Growth

Naturally-occuring amino acid that supports energy and helps protect your eyes, ears, heart, and brain. Most people turn to energy drinks to top up on taurine, but steak is a far superior whole-food-based source.

Known benefits of taurine include:

  • Supports metabolic function
  • Boosts physical performance
  • Protects your musculoskeletal system
  • Promotes learning and memory
  • Promotes optimal blood pressure, blood flow, and arterial health
Heme Iron: Supports Skin, Hair, and Healing

The animal-based form of iron, absorbed by the human body at higher rates than non-animal-based iron.

Heme Iron has been shown to:

  • Help combat oxidative stress
  • Help prevent skin from wrinkling
  • Help support hair strength and color

Ready to get my steak crisps delivered to your door as a revitalizing staple in your carnivore diet?

Here’s what to do next.

If you want to take my new steak crisps for a test drive, pick the first option below and try them for 30 days.

If you’re “all-in” on making steak a daily staple, like I do, then go for the second option: a discounted monthly subscription.

And if you want to absolutely maximize the impact of your carnivore diet, go for option three: 30 days each of steak crisps and my grassfed beef liver crisps. If you pick this package you’ll feel like Wolverine in no time.

Steak Crisps

Steak Crisps

One-month supply


Steak Crisps

Steak Crisps

Monthly Subscription


Steak Crisps

Steak + Liver Crisps

One-month supply


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I eat it?

Rip open the bag. Pick up the crisps. Put them in your mouth. Chew. Smile. Thrive.

Enjoying great grassfed steak has never been this easy.

What is it made with?

Grassfed steak and salt. That’s it.

Where should your customers meet for the mass burning of creatine powder and protein bars?

Location TBD ;)

International orders

Steak crisps aren’t just for Americans. Our international carnivores need nature's original superfood, too. And I'm happy to offer shipping to Canada, Mexico, EU and Australia.

Unfortunately, U.S. Postal Service rates are expensive: $30 to $50, depending where you live.

Don't get me wrong: given the choice between high shipping rates, or not getting steak into my body every day, I'd pay the shipping anytime. But I understand it's a bit of a burden.

So I'm happy to offer bulk discounts to international carnivores so the cost is less onerous.

Please email if you're interested in buying multiple months of worth of steak at a special bulk rate.